Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Balance and Disruption

What do we mean by balance? A recent trip to Istanbul made me ponder that. A beautiful city born out of centuries of disruption, but basically a balanced modern metropolis largely at ease with its heritage.

The 1483 year old Hagia Soffia is a case in point. Built on the ashes caused by a failed insurrection, it survived the Byzantines, The Great Schism the Ottomans, and earthquakes. It witnessed the crowning of Emperors, genocide and the Sultans. Now a museum, its purpose is still a point of contention and its history is still reflected in the tensions of the region today. The story isn't over. Disruption continues. Yet when you see it as a tourist you can only get the sense of its natural presence and permanence. OK where is this going.

Perspective is all is what I am saying. What to me as a tourist seemed balanced beautiful building is actually a product of some pretty fundamental disruption. A disruption that is an ever-present. 

More mundanely, in Eve, put a Dev and a Null Sec emperor or more simply a miner and ganker in a room and try to get them to agree about game balance. It won't happen. Each are naturally seeking to influence the game's direction to defend their interests. But balance really isn't the objective. Normally, you would expect a change to be introduced with the intention of disrupting the current balance to address some perceived problem. All of which makes me wonder about the Sov changes incoming. It seems from my narrow perspective that precisely the opposite is going on here. As it stands and as an independent player, I can see no discernible change that would effect my play. I still won't be able to build or lose structures. The capture the flag game is still there. The mechanism to capture the flag may be different but it is still just as irrelevant to me as the current system. So at least from my perspective there is no consequential change or disruption. So with balance maintained, that leaves us with Blue Doughnut 2.0 as a thing doesn't it? Or is it Byzantium 2.0? It will be interesting to see.

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