Friday, 10 April 2015


Being an explorer involves a lot of scanning with probes. I doubt you will find this to be earth shattering news. You also need right skills to do this effectively. Again not news. These can be enhanced with implants, ship fittings and the hull bonus itself. This we know. Unfortunately for me, my skills are underwhelming. So despite the Astero Hull bonus it takes a long time for me to scan a site down and some things I just can't pinpoint at all. My core skills are not brilliant either. So much as I love the Astero, I am pretty much constrained to using it for a while for without the bonus I would be an even more hopeless explorer. Now the plan was to train for Interceptors because bubbles in Wormholes ad Null are such an irritation and you can make a decent exploration fit. The logic being less travel time as you can simply go from A to B rather than bouncing off celestials to get round bubbles or going via Wormholes (more scanning!) to get your loot home. 

However a dose of cold reality kicked in last night. I found a deserted Wormhole brimming with with signatures and a static to lowsec. I started scanning and finally found a relic site. This took me about 20 minutes. I warped off to the site and withdrew my probes... and then noticed some combat probes which I had assumed were my scanner probes on DScan. No ship was on DScan even after hopping to a couple of safes but the combat probes were moving. If I had't of recalled my probes - and often I don't, then I wouldn't have noticed the hunter closing in on me. The time it takes me to scan and hack means I am pretty easy to locate - or at least predict where I go be before I even get there. A ninja I aint. I made my escape empty handed. 

So lesson learned. The skill queue has been revised, the number of probes in DScan will now be counted and Interceptors will just have to wait.

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