Tuesday, 7 April 2015


The first post is always a tough one so let us get this over with quickly. You will have probably have guessed I play Eve Online and this blog will occasionally reflect that experience... probably. To set the scene I had better briefly describe my relationship with the game. I am not a full on Eve player. I just happen to casually play Eve. Eve for me is a virtual extension of my man-cave or garden shed. A place to retreat and undertake bizarre projects that defy a real life purpose or explanation. In essence it is a hobby. Some people collect postage stamps. I play EVE. 

So why start writing about it? I have played it for some years now. Most of the time has been a journey of toil because of the objectives I set myself. Firstly, I like playing solo. I prefer following my own agenda however flawed, rather than having to compromise on a shared one. Secondly avoid shooting people. Explosions are fine and are essential for Eve. So I am not against it and I may even get into it at some point. But as a solo player without SRP it would be a distraction from my final key objective. Specifically, with only one account I wanted all three toons to be self sufficient and profitable. 

To cut the preamble short, I have now achieved my initial goals by doing a variety of activities. Although not rolling in ISK I have enough to prove a point (at least to me). I don't plex my account but I could if I put in extra time. But then of course it would cease to be a hobby. But this is a good time to reflect on the journey so far and to provide a bit of a commentary on the new journey ahead. Perhaps not the greatest justification for a blog but perhaps not the worst either.

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