Thursday, 9 April 2015

Signal Received

I am in a Corp. You might find that strange. I was for many years a solo player. I still regard myself as an independent player. But it is always good to inhabit a community that shares your interest and Signal Cartel is certainly provides that community. Signal Cartel is no ordinary Corp. It has a credo that prohibits aggression and promotes exploration as an activity. So in some ways it is more of a professional body or perhaps a Trade Union than a Corp in the traditional Eve sense. I would hesitate to use the word 'Guild' because of the WoW connection but that is sort of what it is if you think of the original usage of the word.  However, it seems to have caught the imagination of quite a few people and the membership continues to grow. Signal Cartel is part of the Eve Scout Enclave Alliance. If you have ever traveled to, or via Thera you will have likely used their services. So it is nice to part of a player driven activity that contributes to the larger Eve story. The set of circumstances that led me to send in the recruitment application were somewhat interesting. Something I will no doubt talk about in later posts.

Having joined the corp, I have enjoyed the participation and the joint sense of purpose. It houses an eclectic group of people ranging from newbros to former CSM members and Eve blogging aristocracy. All in all it has certainly enhanced what was already a good game experience. It also inspired me to indulge my musical urges such as they are. Taking the Corp motto - Can't Stop The Signal, I translated it into Morse Code and used it as the basis for a two minute soundtrack. The response from my corp mates has been pretty positive so thought I would share.

Now it just needs someone to put a video together

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