Tuesday, 14 April 2015

War and Peace

The corp had another hisec wardec. From my perspective it is inconsequential and not surprising. For the kill-board farmers however, a corp like ours looks too good to be true. Our Credo dictates we are a peaceful corp so in ISK efficiency terms our stats are terrible. In principle it is not an issue but to a new corp member a trade hub is like a flame to a moth. It is a hard lesson to learn. 

This in turn sparks a lively internal debate. It is natural for people to want to fight back. It is natural for people to take a wardec personally. The clinical gaming of the mechanic for easy content and kill-board padding isn't readily understood by some of the newer players. The Credo comes under scrutiny. In truth, there is no comfortable resolution and the debate will continue. But for me it is straight forward once you distinguish the difference between being peaceful and being a pacifist. Being peaceful is a behavioural choice. Being a pacifist is more of an ideology. One is a pragmatic approach the other is a dogmatic approach. I interpret the Credo as being pragmatic. I choose not to shoot. I choose to find alternative ways to interact with Eve and its players. Ways which doesn't involve them exploding.

Which leads me onto last night's fleet operation. It has become a tradition before a wardec becomes active to give some "hugs" to our adversaries. Hugs in the form of fireworks and snowballs. It was only my second experience of being in a fleet. Weapon of choice was a gratuitously equipped Corax with 7 festival launchers, a couple of hardeners for that glow in the dark effect and an afterburner. The cargo bay was full of pyrotechnics. Our targets were shy to say the least. But being explorers means it is quite natural for us to track something down. The downside is FC'ing a group of explorers is like herding cats. Kudos to the FC for maintaining his sanity. Anyway, the pursuit began and hugs were forthrightly delivered. The impression I get from both operations I have been on is the victims seem pretty embarrassed by the attention. Being a sneaky dock or gate camper is not entirely consistent with being lit up like the 4th July for 90 minutes. It certainly disturbed their gameplay and they often warped off or docked up. Their ISK efficiency spoiled for the night I retired secure in the knowledge you can conduct war peacefully.

Cuddle Wagon action

Keeping the peace

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