Saturday, 30 May 2015

Beginnings of a Plan

I have a plan. It's going to be good. Actually I don't. I have an new objective and that's not quite the same. But still good. It probably needs a name but I can't think on one yet. Of course, there are a host of hurdles in the way. This is Eve after all. And those are just the ones I can think of or have researched. Overcoming these will take ISK and more boringly patience. No matter. You have to start somewhere. So this is the start of the beginning.

I am going to be a bit cryptic about the objective I have chosen for now. It's not an opsec thing. You will probably be able to guess and be underwhelmed when you figure it out. But it is a big deal for me and right now I am just not too sure I can pull it off. To achieve it I am going to have to learn new skills and get some in game experience in areas that have been completely foreign to me. This won't involve exploding people if I can avoid it but will no doubt result in me exploding more.  My motivation for doing this revolves around change. Eve is 10 years old. Much has changed since it started. Much will change over the coming years. But I want to avoid becoming a bittervet - resenting the changes and overly nostalgic about the past. The game moves on and so should I. That said, a key priority is to be able to do what I currently like doing without having that compromised.

In practical terms, this adds some grit into the process because my alts will have to step up to the plate. Now they aren't exactly over endowed with skill points. Good at what they do - trading and hauling, but not much more. But first things first. I have probably have enough ISK but I want to keep the buffer I have. 

More ISK needed then. So while I am filling up the alts with new skills, I have changed my approach to trading. My trader was low maintenance. The dream is to keep it that way but with higher margins. Realistically, I am going to have to give it more attention. I have dumped a lot of stock and that has been entertaining to watch and I have now started on other lines. So far so good but it takes more time than I like so I will keep experimenting. But in terms of a plan I feel the drinks cabinet has moved a little closer to Berlin. 

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