Wednesday, 13 May 2015


I wake up in Cistuvaert. Heart is still pumping. But it was not a dream. In fact it had been a strange evening all round. For starters I had finally enticed a friend to play Eve. "Ask me anything!" I said. So he did. Now I am really not the right person to mentor an Eve newbie. I have a take on the game that comes from years of playing it wrong. But I was up for it. I told him all the right things about not flying expensive stuff. Get the right skills and so on. I pointed him at Eve Uni and Signal Cartel as he wants to explore. I come out of this whole interaction feeling wise and sagely.  I seem to have acquired some Eve knowledge that people want to know. How did that happen?

So feeling smug, I resume my wormhole tour. I cleared a couple of sites before zooming off to the next WH but.... I had left my Hornet EC-300 Drones behind. No bookmark either so they were gone. "Never mind" thinks I. "I have spares in the hold so I'll pop out to High Sec and slot them in. But I will just do this wormhole first". You know where this is going. But the smug factor had taken control of my senses. I find a relic site and put out my Hobgoblin 2's. Two cans later and I am already starting the third. A Stratios and then a Hound appear. Rut roh. Targeting begins, I am being scrammed by the Hound (I think) so can't run. My drones take up the fight as I start taking hits. I hit my ECM Burst. The Astero seems to hold on for a while but then the cap runs dry. Or was it something else. Whatever it was it went quickly downhill from there. Boom.

But here's the thing. It has been over two years since I last died. So on waking up in Cistuvaert I felt a profound sense of relief, once my heartbeat returned to normal that is.  Finally the wait was over. An added bonus was my executioner was a sound guy. He was generous in praising my performance but in truth I hadn't a clue what I was doing. He recommended I use EC 300 Drones. I agreed. I also pointed out that he now had them :/

So kudos to Kerra CrackPot and the Lolly Pop Gang. Good fight and thanks for teaching a noob a lesson. 

Smug - EC 300 Drones = Dead Astero

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