Sunday, 17 May 2015

It's the journey, not the destination that counts...

The London bus is a rare beast. It travels in herds. So you can wait hours for one and then find several turn up at once. My killboard is much the same . Two years without dying and then a couple of explosions in a row. This one was interesting. Most people try and save their pods once the ship is doomed. I, however, lost my pod but have no idea what happened to my ship. 

Let's rewind. Signal Cartel have cause to celebrate. They now have gained over 300 members since January. You can hear more about that here on the Neocom. That is no small achievement with the current newbro friendly fest that is going on in Eve right now because there is plenty of competition. Anyway, as part of that celebration a roam come treasure hunt was organised. They graciously allowed me as an interloper to participate. As with any party it is always a problem to know what to wear. A Griffin was the safe option. But then the Corax with its astonishing firework delivery rate would be good but perhaps a little vulgar. Then my brand new Ares But that would be like going in fancy dress to a dinner party. So I took the dust covers off the Griffin.

It took me an age to get to Thera. This was because for some reason I went to Jita instead of Hulm for the WH. I could hear the finger tapping coming from Thera when I admitted my mistake. Navigation is not my strong point. But at least there was an Easter Egg hunt arranged in Thera to keep the restless fleet occupied. Finally I join the fleet.

And what a fleet it was. There were nearly 30 people in it. It was the largest fleet I have been in and the FC did a great job in shepherding us along as well as streaming on Twitch. My Griffin did not look overdressed so I settled in and kept my head down. The objective was to go through Null Sec to see the B-R5RB system and take pictures of the Titanomachy monument.

So off we went. At first we cruised along with prizes being given at every gate. I won a Buzzard but there was a Nestor on offer to some lucky soul. Hugs were delivered in local comms to the bemused residents as was the link to the Signal Cartel theme. It  got an additional 30 plays and 2 downloads during the course of the journey.

Then things started getting complicated as we got deeper into Goon space. Sadly the Goons didn't exhibit a great ability to conceptualize and just wanted to shoot and blackmail us instead which was all rather dull. Generally, we outpaced them or just jammed them on the gate but they managed to pick a foew of us off on what was now feeling like the Long March with a bit of Benny Hill mixed in. Our scout heroically took one for the team.

By the time we got to the penultimate system we were a bit thinner and had a few just in their pods. I was still unscratched at this point. But the posse chasing use had grown and got more organised with bubbles sprouting around gates. We made a mad dash to the target and made it.

It was possibly at this point that collective hysteria set in. It was sort of like when you drink a cup of tea when you were expecting a cup of coffee. You know something isn't quite right but you plough on drinking it regardless. This point for us was the Titanomachy looking rather small and diminished and with rats hovering over it. "Rats don't shoot pods" says someone. So we park our ships safely and abandon them and go to at the Titanomachy. Finally, someone gets the courage  to say the emperor has no clothes. 

We are in the wrong system. We were in B-588R not  B-R5RB. My heart goes out to the FC but it was funny. Really funny. I was was crying. This probably explains why I couldn't reunite with my poor abandoned Griffin and its hold full of fireworks. It was gone. On the frantic dash home my pod got caught in a gate bubble. But a few others made it home. It was a fantastic event so well done for those organizing it. Can't wait for the 600 member celebration!

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