Monday, 4 May 2015

Lore Ambulance Chaser

The plan was to give some love to my trader and not do any exploration. The market seems slow though so there wasn't as much to do as I thought. I relocated the hoard of blueprint copies I seem to have amassed to a central location. At some point I will do something with them even if it is only to sell them. With the chores done I decided to try a little project.
A poor man's/woman's Interceptor. Why would I want such a thing? Simple answer is my Interceptor skills are still a way off and core skill training is more of a priority. But I still want to be able to fizz around Hi and Low-Sec at high velocity. The Drifter attack in Yulai brought it home. I was many jumps away at the time so could have missed it. As it turned out, I was at work at the time so it was so academic problem. Still a problem to be solved though. I need a Lore ambulance chaser. So I bought a Vigil for 300k ISK, put some basic stuff on it and bolted on a cloak (the most expensive component at around 3 mill ISK). I put the cloak on because... well Drifters might not appreciate the rusty patina of the Vigil was my thinking. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I am not sure if the Drifters behold much if the autopsy is to be believed.

Looking good. The Vigil that is. Eve Gate doesn't look bad either.

Of course I had to try it out, so set sail for the New Eden system to see the Eve Gate on a twenty jump journey through Hi and Low-Sec. The Vigil goes through space like a hot knife through butter so very pleased with the result. It got past a gate camp without incident but even if it explodes it is no big deal. So another crucial problem solved.  

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