Monday, 25 May 2015

New Structures and Wormholes Sounding Board

Just a quick heads up. For those of you who are in small gangs or are solo players and inhabit Wormholes you might want to pay attention to the Dev Blog by CCP Ytterbium. This is a big change and the impact on small groups in Wormhole space is not trivial. 

A key point to note (if I have understood this correctly) is that structures will have no longer have auto defenses. You have to man/woman the guns. Now you won't have to do this 24/7 but you will have to set a window - presumably in your prime time - when this activity should be done. In effect you will have to leave one person behind every day to do the job or be undefended.

Anyway, don't take it from me. Read the blog and form your own opinion. The reason I mention this is CSM X rep Corbexx is running a Sounding Board  at 18:00 Eve Time on Wednesday the 27th of May. CCP Nullarbor will be participating too.

So if you do have any concerns and you want them heard, contact Corbexx on the Eve Forum here to get the registration details.

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