Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Every Action has a Consequence

Every action has a consequence. It is a key tenet of Karma so a bit like Eve. Expanding on this, karma theory suggests a good act will result in a correspondingly good outcome. I did something bad and something correspondingly bad happened. On this empirical evidence I can now confidently state that Karma is real just like Eve.
You see I am going on vacation next week. What could be so bad about that? Well, the holiday destination decision making process in the Kong family is a tricky one. Competing cultures and expectations laced with an unclear definition of what a vacation should actually be makes it a fraught undertaking. It has to be somewhere hot but not hot. Quiet but lively, cheap but not tacky, and so on,  and so forth. Positions get polarized between somewhere you can relax and read a book to the number of photo opportunities per second. Tempers get frayed and lengthy negotiations then have to be undertaken in a manner that would have solved the Greek debt crisis years ago. Not good.
This year looked like it was going to be a repeat of the standard routine. Queen Kong opened the bidding. "Greece" she says provocatively. I play my hand. "Not the mainland. Too hot." Now Queen Kong doesn't like hot and she starts recalculating dates for more amenable weather. The clock is ticking and I have to act fast. "But the Greek islands are more bearable" "Erm... which one?" she asks. "How about Santorini?" I say innocently. The interweb is quizzed for pictures of Santorini and suitably rustic images are returned. The Queen declares herself satisfied and I make a hasty booking before minds are changed.
Now the lore hounds amongst you will know that there is more to Santorini than meets the eye. The ancient name for Santorini was Thera. It was the site of an enormous volcanic explosion.  It  is also linked as the possible site of Atlantis as well as the garden of Eden. More realistically it is a place that isn't so far from where the real Antikythera mechanism was discovered. Shamefully, I neglect to reveal the relationship to the Queen. However, when we wet to Rome she was not entirely impressed in how the kids and I had climbed the Pantheon in Assassins Creed. So the decision to keep quiet was based on previous form.
So it was looking like an excellent result for me. But then Karma had to kick in. In my haste to book the holiday, I choose one of those grubby little airlines that charge for luggage. They charge even more if you forget to specify the luggage at time of booking. I, of course, forgot to book the luggage required. Then they throw in a nasty website that doesn't work when you want to change something. Thus leaving you no option other than to hang on the telephone for nearly an hour before they consider your call is worth answering. They then charge a further ridiculous sum for not using the website. During this time the queen has ample opportunity to scold me for my carelessness. Time I had planned to be playing Eve. That's Karma for you.

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