Sunday, 7 June 2015

Pawn to King 4. Progress Update #1

The vague scheme in my head is becoming a bit more solid. The preparatory objectives where simply
  • Research what needs to be done
  • Get ISK to fund the project
  • Learn Skills to be able to do the project

This is to be achieved by using my main and two alt characters only. Dual training on two of the characters.

Research what needs be done

This is turning out to be a lot harder than I imagined. There is plenty of advice for how not be a new player. Then there is a lot information showing  experienced players doing amazing things. There is however an implied knowledge you need to understand what they are doing. But the leap you need to make between the two is opaque. I still enjoy the challenge though.

Setting up a corp

What is clear is I will need a corp to be able to get some things done. I have now set one up for my trader alt. I really resent having to do this. Even more now I have experienced the corp interface. I understand it has been improved recently so it must have been appalling before. I know why CCP insists on this. Because... wardecs. I doubt I will provide more than a couple of minutes content for a wardeccer and it will provide zero content for me apart from a dull administrative burden. Not the best mechanic in Eve then. I have trained a variety of corporation management skills and will be leveling these up over the coming months

Mobility and Jump Clones

The other thing I have established I will need is a lot of mobility. This means I can spend less time on travelling and more on time on the fun things So I have maxed out the jump clones on my main. To do this I briefly joined the excellent Estel Arador Corp Services who run a free jump clone service. Their coverage is astonishing. So within a matter if minutes I had established all my clones in a single region. The only thing to consider when using this service is whether it is under a wardec. Yes that really useful mechanic again. Anyway I have spent time equipping and dispersing the jump clones across New Eden. For now I have given them a either my Lore Ambulance Chaser Vigil or Explorer Travelceptor to be getting on with. I will get extra jump clones for the other alts once things really get moving.

Getting ISK

I have not used my explorer to do this and relied on my trader. Exploration can be a bit hit and miss. Wonderfully productive at times or a big explosion at others. Great fun but time consuming. Besides with the vacation season coming up, margins get more looser with less active players so there is more scope for profit. I have changed a lot of lines and dumped a lot of old stock. It has worked well and I am ahead of my initial target amount. However it will slow down over the coming months as the market adjusts to my presence and I stop dumping old stock. We shall see but looking good so far.


There are two things I am trying to do here. Firstly to train into new areas  - Corp Management for example. The other thing is to be able to share the workload across the characters I have. So if one of them is stuck in a wormhole, the other two can cover elsewhere for example. Now having two objectives while training skills is probably not the best way to go. It does stretch things out a bit but I can't really see another way of doing this short of trading a character for ISK. I would not feel much satisfaction in doing that however. Working with someone else's creation would defeat the point of what I am trying to do and I would not have learnt anything. 

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