Friday, 31 July 2015

In the meantime...

My laptop is not only dead but now appears to have gone AWOL. The suppliers courier definitely collected it and then the trail goes dead. Whatever the outcome of this IT debacle it means no Eve or music for me for a while. In a way it is a good thing. While FozzieSov being the hot topic it is a good time to take stock. I reversed out of the my big plan once it was clear FozzieSov was going to unravel a number of elements. While they could be worked around, it wouldn't have been fun so I let that go.

As a holding position my main is getting the Astrometric skills to Level 5. The thinking is I will have less dependency on implants or the hull bonus. This would mean I would have all the Scanning skills at level 5 once completed. This opens up a variety of hull choices in about 70 days time so I have plenty of space to think about the next objective.

My trader alt continues to do her thing. Whatever I end up doing, it will involve ISK and she provided a reliable revenue stream for little effort. I had put a lot of speculative low buy orders out and they seem to have all come through. Once I return I will be able to capitalise on that. The trader can also fly blockade runners and cloaky nullified Tengus so is a good hauler too.

My final alt is also a bit of a trader hauler but has in the past had the least attention skillwise. It can fly blockade runners currently. A lot of my old plan hinged on this alt and I was dual training her to run a POS, Corp and and a couple of other project related this so the skill-set now looks a bit of a mess. This alt is currently the CEO of a one person Corp. A lot of the things I was planning to do requires you to be in corp. Beyond that the corp serves little purpose. I considered winding it up but I haven't had any wardecs (yet) so decided to keep my options open.

Going forward, rehashing what I have said before, the lesson from FozzieSov is to keep things simple and short term. This is to mitigate against unexpected changes that impact the whole game. These can jump out at you unexpectedly with the current release cadence where you basically get about 4 weeks notice. Not good when you are halfway through a 160 day skill queue. The other lesson is that the general direction of travel is to make the rest of Eve more like Null. I am not sure whether that is intentional or not but it is just the impression I get from the way changes get implemented. And the one thing we do know about null is it is empty and has no meaningful trading hubs. Now this could be a worry or an opportunity. It will certainly mean less players. Every nerf to hisec/low/wh space to make null more appealing (or make those places more like null) just makes people stubbornly reject the null epiphany they are supposed to experience and they leave the game.  But there will still be opportunities to make ISK trading so my thoughts are around maximising those opportunities.

The vision thing now is for all my characters to be cloaky, slippery, and be able to obtain and carry profitable loads in every area of space. They also need to be able to maximise their coverage. The changes to jump clones where you no longer need good standings are welcome in this respect. But I will also need to be able to work independently of structures because there are just too many hostages to fortune. The Orca looks a potential avenue of investigation and it would be fun to fly one regardless. This will take some time but there is plenty of exploration to be done to keep me occupied. 

A final thought on FozzieSov. Harvesting tears is not my thing, but if it was it did occur to me that I was in a perfect position to troll Sov owners with interceptors and Griffins for little cost. It would annoy the hell out of me if I was on the receiving end so can appreciate the strong feelings about this.  

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