Sunday, 23 August 2015

Ding Dong, the Empress is Dead

A big lore weekend. It all started with the planned handover of the new Amarr flagship. Prior to that of course, the Empress Jamyl had been prancing around her realm in her Avatar Titan. Alongside this, the Drifters have acquired a taste for kebabing Amarr Navy ships. Something was going to go down in Safizon on friday for certain.

The crowds arrived, The empress arrived, ambiguous speeches were made. So far so normal. Then enter Drifters stage left who then basically headshotted the Empress and promptly left as quickly as they had arrived. This video here from an FC perspective probably captures the moment best.

It was so quick I missed it. I logged on 20 minutes due to ill timed real life stuff. I had a jump clone in Safizon and there were 300 people in local. I thought people were trolling in local about her death. I didn't believe them until I left the station and saw this...

So the empress is toast and the succession is on. Brush up your Amarr flying skills if you want to take part. But is she really dead. A couple of people have used locator agents and have spotted Jamyl in Chaven. It might be that CCP forgot to biomass her perhaps, or is she really a capsuleer? If so she still won't be Empress, but her story arc might have more twists in it yet. I'll let the experts tinfoil on that. I'll leave you with the Scope video.

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