Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Joy of the Mundane

So laptop returned and the Signal Cartel project done. Now I can actually play Eve. Apart from a couple of lore events and Signal's 500 celebration roam, I hadn't done much in Eve itself. My trader's orders tell the tale. 60 days since I last updated them. I was shocked. So first task was to update them and renew the ones that had been fulfilled. One hour gone. My orders are regional so the next task was to collect the results of my orders. These were scattered across high and lowsec so as usual I set off in my Prowler to collect the goods. The lowsec areas are quite active where I travel so it can feel a little tense at times. This time was without incident. A rough estimate of the final haul was about 500 million for which I had paid a pittance. In fact, I had recovered my initial outlay within a couple of hours of putting the goods back on the market.

The next task for my main was to recover my favourite Astero. I had left it in Thera after the Signal roam and I don't have a clone there. I decided to travel in something cheap. No point in having 2 Asteros stuck in Thera was the reasoning. I discovered I had an Imicus in Jita. This was intriguing in itself as my natural choice of T1 Exploration Frigate would be a Heron. So I went to Jita to try and remember how I ended up with one. Looking at the fit was excruciatingly embarrassing. No cloak. NO CLOAK! no drones, and only one core probe. The memories came flooding back. My first attempt at being an explorer. I was hopelessly new. It was emotional and it was in an Imicus. I had mined and mined to afford that ship and it had taken me forever to find a wormhole. The interface was much different then. Having found the wormhole I dived straight in. While I was figuring out what had just happened, my ship exploded. I hadn't bookmarked the entrance so I was doomed. Fortunately my potential assassin had taken pity on me and showed me the way out. I bought a second Imicus but never flew it as I moved onto hauling and trading instead

I didn't go to a wormhole again for ages after that and I didn't fly a T1 Explorer - a Heron until after I could fly the Astero. So now I had an objective. Fly the Imicus to Thera, dock there and don't die. But this time with a cloak and some probes. I found a nearby connection to Thera. Amazing the difference having the right level skills has. I cloaked outside the station because it was being camped. Amazing the difference a cloak makes. I docked once it was clear without incident. I noticed a lot of TEST guys are in Thera now and the place seemed a lot more livelier. It seems that people are beginning to get Thera finally which can only be a good thing. I really enjoyed flying the Imicus. I will fly it again.

Final activity of the day was a complete about face of what I have been saying in earlier posts. I subbed a new account. I have been badgering various CSM's about my concerns and one replied. No details were given, nor did I expect any because of NDA. But I was told to wait for the Structures Dev blog from CCP because that would address a lot of my concerns. 

So new character created - I went full on Amarr this time. The Avatar was created and photos taken. I wish it meant more. maybe one day. I then drove off to Jita because the skill-books would be cheaper there. The plan is to make an Orca pilot. I like the idea of former Amarr nobility having to wrangle an Orca. In theory, this would take 18 days but there are a whole load of other skills needed to be able to fit it sensibly and operate it. So that will take time. One unexpected benefit was I was exposed to the Rookie channel. Questions like "I lost my ship! What can I do to get another one?" were bouncing around. Bearing in mind you now start in the middle of space as a new player and not docked you can see why this might be stressful. I tried to be helpful.

So a very mundane but thoroughly enjoyable time in Eve. 

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