Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A Slight Pause

Time has been precious recently. The usual conspiracy of real life responsibilities have stolen the free time I have. So my Eve life has been not much more than updating orders. I did have a couple of pompous opinion posts lined up around negativity and the economics of Eve. However these were torn up after a some other commentators made some rather excellent contributions elsewhere. The one on Eve and the demise of the Ottoman Empire is still alive but barely.

As I write, the CSMX is being held in Iceland. If last year provides insight, then many future changes to Eve are held back until after the event. Despite this, that hasn't stop some things being announced. The trollceptor looks as if it is being consigned to history. Fortunately, Interceptors will remain the same other than being unable to mount an Entosis module. So my Exploroceptor is safe and the almost audible intake of breath whenever I enter a nullsec system might become a thing of the past.

The noteworthy change from my perspective is the proposed fleet warp changes are being paused. Now I never understood the reason for this change in the first place. It seemed to be more based on dogma rather than hard fact. For example, I often commute to work on a train. Yes it is dull but a least I don't have to worry about driving the train. Whether I drive or not, it doesn't make me any more or less engaged in my work once I arrive at my workplace. By making the journey I have already committed myself to doing some work. If the powers that be decided I had to take a more proactive role in driving the train I would stop using the train altogether and just use my car instead. Alternatively, I would insist the train driver should take on the additional responsibilities themselves if they wanted me to catch their train. At which point the driver abandons the train and goes on indefinite strike. Probably a poor analogy.

So in a corp setting, it just meant more work for the FC if they wanted participation and control. For a solo player it meant an additional scouting alt. Neither option could be regarded as engaging. Anyway, the decision is on hold so at least CCP are reflecting on it. If we can move away from the players must be engaged at all stages ideology it will be helpful. By either creating or joining a fleet, the player has already indicated they want to undock and are therefore already engaged. Getting them to undock in the first place would be a better area to concentrate on. Something I am planing to do once I can get this week done with.

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