Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Camp of the Broken Butterfly Wing

Clever girls. He was right in one respect. Girls are extremely clever. However, he was wrong in another. The Eve demographic being what it is, more likely it was a bunch of men toying with their mid life crisis that had just pulled the rug from under the Mittani. To the casual observer it was a wonderful schadenfreude moment. For us irrelevant untermensch plodding around new eden, it is always heartening to see Eve aristocracy slipping on a banana skin.

No doubt normal service will be resumed and darkness of anonymity will envelope our subterranean lives and we can... oh wait he said what? He wants to "kill pretty much everybody else"? What did I do? What did we do? Turns out you, I, and "pretty much everybody else" are part of a vast anti Imperium conspiracy. Who knew?

Fortunately, we aren't very good at it. Our collective failure has left our challenged minds in an embittered shambles leaving the destruction of CCP as our only recourse. Clever untermensch. Not to worry though because the fine Imperium military have figured out our dastardly plan and will summarily evict us from Eve. But just could we please just support their book project on the way out.

Ok let's just hold it there for a second, grab a breath and try and get underneath the absurdity. When I posted my impressions of the EVEVegas Keynote, the only statement I made about that book was:

"An Eve story book sponsored by The Mittani..."

The three little dots were shorthand for a host foreseeable problems. But that was the point. They were entirely foreseeable. If my minimal intellect could spot them then you would have thunk that the Mittani media machine would have spotted them too. The Mittani is of course a comedy villain to many who regard it as a toxic brand. A media organisation ought to be able to manage that out  in the same way VW managed out the embarrassing fact that Hitler had been their primary sponsor.  That was what I thought anyway, and besides, books about Eve are a good thing. Not something I personally read but certainly something Eve players like as Andrew Groen demonstrated

What transpired was a farce. The Mittani was put front and centre of the Kickstarter campaign. An exceedingly high target was set without initially explaining the need. With TMC's reputation for monetizing the game, it was easy meat for the unpersuaded. The Fountain war meta re-erupted  from its dormant state but this time the battlefields were social media. It was over before it started and now we have the tantrums laced with hypocrisy and the blame game. Oh and now the leaks

The Imperium may have won Null, or what is left of it, but they misjudged the meta game entirely. Something they were once renowned for. Declaring war on everyone and everything won't change that. They have made the irrelevant relevant and have lost control of the narrative for now at least. Something is very broken at Mittani Central and the mob scents blood.  When you are in a hole, stop digging. If they truly care for the game, maybe they should just play game. Keep it simple. Let the Butterfly Effect drive the meta. That way we all have fun and more people embrace the game. And then maybe we could make a book about that. 


  1. After the years of smugness, the Great Goon holds out a cup so that we can pay for even more smug. That was the entire mistake. The first book should be been done through a puppet with no connection to Goonswarm and the story having no Goon elements. The media empire could have thrown it's weight behind the project. Then the sequel - go Full Goon. (you should never go full goon).

    The level of hubris here exceeds real life historical Cult of Personalities. It is a pity that function is unlike to follow form - which the next stage of meta-meltdown being a scotched-earth Nero Degree.

    CODE arose from last Mittani-Gate. I wonder what new nuisance will be visited upon New Eden to assuage the mighty bruised ego.

    1. I am not actually grr gon. Or grr anyone. But the Imperium have parked their tanks on our lawn in order to scapegoat anyone who isn't mentally aligned with their thinking. It boils down to the leadership overestimating the value and impact of their brand where unfortunately the leadership has become the brand.

      It is difficult to see where they go from here as a media organisation without damaging some egos. In game, they could do with some credible content for the line members, if only for morale purposes. It will will be interesting to see what they come up with if anything.

      Oh, and I was imagining a Jonestown scenario :)

    2. Jonestown also crossed my mind. But someone from the "smoked filled back room" is a history buff 1930s / 1940s. References like "Great Western Prosperity" (Japan's name for their expansion pre WW2), the Null Deal (FDRs New Deal), New Order (Nazism) - there are others. I thought it would maintain the theme.

      It is how I know that this is a fraud:


      If it was "inner-sphere", I dare say I would have used overtones to Stalinist control of Eastern Russian pre-1941. Or maybe even Lebensraum.

    3. Truth be told, those are the sort of references I really like. Think they missed an opportunity with 'Viceroy' though because that implies sovereignty. Thinking Ottoman vassal states here.