Sunday, 13 December 2015

Bits of This and That

Just grabbing a couple of minutes. The Christmas tree is now installed and Kong family members have been ordered to try an not make it look like a triffid this year. We shall see.

In Eve, I took a bit of a right turn. Then a left. Now I am turning right again. I had a minor flirtation with embracing PvP as I described on Crossing Zebra's. The whole experience made me think about what I wanted to do and the ISK I would need to do it. So I was looking at some ships to trade since I just sold a Dramiel I noticed a couple of cheap Stratios hulls nearby so I bought them. It was then I realised I was only a day away from being able to fly them in skill terms so this weekend I took the decision to train for them. I'll give it a go, but whether the Stratios will take over from the Astero or the Explorocepter as my go to ship will have to be considered. It is nice to have the decision though.

On that point, we have the new Frostbite release. Ive not tried the PVE stuff. It is not really my thing for reasons I may drone on and on about in the future (think Free to Play). However, the release still has plenty on things for me to digest. Exploration sites are better balanced so Data Sites will be worth the effort hopefully. The probe scanner window is iterating in the right direction but the probe spheres still  burn my retinas as they did on SISI.

The other big thing is the change to grid size. I have spent some time checking and changing instawarp bookmarks in various places over the weekend. That has allowed me to enjoy the graphical changes. Eve is looking so beautiful right now. Doing that made me a feel little nostalgic about Caroline's Star.

Caroline's Star one year one

Anyway, got to dash, The Christmas tree has just attacked someone.


  1. Exploroceptor? Intrigued. Google is refusing to acknowledge you ever explained the fit?

    1. Good point well made. Happy to share the fit but I am terribad at that sort of thing. I use it travel and explore in Null Sec. You can see it in action here:

      You might not want the festival launcher though :) The Relic/Data Analyser can be swapped using a mobile depot. Much cheaper than an Astero to fly. Safer because it is bubble nullified and fast.

    2. Well that's given me some inspiration for the weekend. A man could get in a lot of trouble with that. With a mobile depot I could swap out a high for a miner/salvager/belt rat blaster. Lived out of a mobile depot in Low Sec for two weeks once. Dirty but fun. Never thought of doing it in null with a small ship.

    3. Go for it. t got a bit dodgy when Entosis Trollcepters were a thing. But now they are nerfed Interceptors get much less attention. Good luck and have fun