Monday, 8 February 2016

Skill Trading Launch and Offers

Skill Extractors are going to be available for purchase from tomorrow. There has been a fair amount of debate about the costs for these things. The perception seems to be that they are high although I am not sure I agree. I think the emotion is due in part from the way expectations were raised by CCP. They were never going to be cheap, However, in classic marketing style CCP told us we had a problem we didn't know we had. But that was ok because here is the solution to the problem we didn't know we had. The solution called Skill Trading. Many people bought  into that.

So now we are all grateful to CCP for being good to us and especially the newbros. Grateful until they reveal the price. A price that appears to be neither good for us or newbros. Assuming of course you can actually figure out what the price actually is.To me this is the bigger problem. When you factor in the various ways you could buy Skill Extractors in the future then the cost is far from transparent. Or at least the optimal cost is. Adding in the additional promotions and discounts makes it  more complicated again. So it is hard to establish what the cost really is and whether it is value for ISK/Money/Aurum/Plex/Fedos.. I think only UK mobile phone contracts are more complicated. Anyway, there is a dev blog out describing the opportunity and choice we undeserving capsuleers have been given. 

As a side note, the statement:

"If you are looking at renewing your subscription, our offers on 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions now include free Skill Extractors for a limited time"

brought a wry smile. I renewed one of my accounts for six months last week and therefore missed out on the never to be missed introductory offer.. Now I care little about the extractors because I don't intend to sell my SP and the extractor trade will be as manipulated as the plex market is. I am also highly skeptical about where this is going. So I will steer clear of them. But I have learnt one lesson. I won't be renewing that account again for more than one month in advance just in case there is another never to be missed introductory offer for whatever else CCP are planning. 

More widely the raised expectations and subsequent disappointment amongst some of the players will keep simmering. It will be hard to put the expectation genie back in the bottle. So now CCP have a problem they didn't know they had. A simple consistent and transparent cost might be a good start.


  1. CCP will generally give you promotions if you just subscribed an account. Open a ticket and they'll sort it out.

    I don't agree that skill trading fixes a problem we didn't have. We do have a problem. We have a problem in that this game is insanely hard to access. Cruisers and above may as well not exist for the first 3 months of a new character.

    1. Interesting tag! Do I need to be 'managed'? As I said, I reaoly do not care about Skill Extractors. So I have no desire to go cap in hand to CCP to beg them to regard me as an exception to their ill thought through plan. I just note it for future reference and act accordingly. If you have read my earlier posts you will be aware that I dont think CCP have been telling the whole truth about where this is going and the reasons wgy that may be the case.
      On your other pount, this feature only helps affluent players. Some maybe new players. So it is not a fix. It may even put some new players off when their corp demands they spend more money to get the skills requirement needed to join. And then of course there will be the scams...