Friday, 24 March 2017

CCP Aurum backtrack, Postouvin, and further small guy oppression

Good news for common sense this week. CCP's Team Size Matters, the team responsible for phasing out Aurum decided that taxing the majority of accounts 100% to prop up the PLEX price for the few and to wipe off CCP's balance sheet liabilities without honouring them was perhaps a bad idea. So now they are proposing that accounts with less than 1000 Aurum will be refunded in PLEX. Just not straightaway.  This is a massive improvement, but there are problems still with this approach. As I said before, tinkering around with currencies results in plenty of unintended consequences. Precisely what that PLEX will be worth by the time the Aurum poor accounts are reimbursed is an open question.

In other news, CCP's Team Five O released a couple of structure Dev Blog's : THE ADVANCING WORLD OF UPWELL STRUCTURES and INTRODUCING UPWELL REFINERIES. There is quite a lot digest there but Kirith Kodachi does a decent analysis on EN24 here. The takeaway for me is that the solo casuals and small corporations are being stuffed again. Lowsec and Hisec are also being punished by ongoing developer indifference. Eve may be more profitable than it has ever been but the activity slope continues its journey south. Continually mugging independent players is not going to improve matters.

More positively, I was induced to log in for the first time in ages. This was due entirely due to the Kyonoke Plague Outbreak. I am always a sucker for Eve lore so I took a trip to Postouvin where the Society of Conscious Thought are setting up a Keepstar for the purpose of  researching the plague and to hopefully find a cure. CCP are also running an event at Fanfest that will in someway be connected to this site so I am genuinely curious to see how this will develop. Postouvin is an isolated pocket of Hisec so care is needed passing through Low and Nullsec. I took the direct route and used an Ares Interceptor which slipped passed a small and probably drunk gate camp without issue. I came across Marc726 in Postouvin and he as ever describes the scene and background perfectly  He puts my clumsy screenshots to shame:

Spot the Ares competition
Final note before I sign off. I am really surprised how much tax my HiSec POCO's have pulled in while I have been away. The neoliberal economic model of generating income from non productive assets is alive and well in New Eden. But given where the real world now is, it is beginning to look a bit dated don't you think? Probably a post in there somewhere. Another day perhaps.

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