Friday, 16 June 2017

War! Huh?

It's been a while hasn't it? In truth, there hasn't been a whole lot to say since Fanfest. Yes there has been a Reddit drama. Something to do with the 1% of the 15% percent that CCP always caters for. If I have read it right, then CCP finally realised they had overindulged them to the extent that they were on the brink of tanking the economy. The resulting nerf was hasty and clumsy and is probably doesn't tackle the problem which is rather more systemic. But CCP have buckled under the mob pressure regardless so no real change there and nothing to report other than to say the disastrous Citadel expansion continues to pollute the game as predicted.

With everything else going on in my neck of the woods, this has become incidental. I had made my peace with Eve and moved on. Or rather I thought I had. But then I got an in-game mail from someone asking to buy my POCO's. I really should have got rid of them some time ago so I wasn't hostile to the idea. The grand scheme that was meant to define my presence in Eve long since died after various changes have made the prospect of casual solo playing a marginal activity. The glorious "journey" became irrelevant with the commodification of SP. Not got the skills? Just pump them in your head rather than innovate around the constraint.

Anyway, I had acquired some HISEC POCO's to understand the whole PI to product cycle before moving the operation to a Wormhole. But that never came to pass and the POCO's and an Orca are all that remain of that rash dream. So selling them was not a bad idea. I have them on a low tax rate and they don't earn a great deal so they really wouldn't have been missed.

However, while mulling over my bargaining position an apologetic Wardec then arrived in my inbox. The potential purchaser now turned aggressor claimed he/she thought I was away from the game - which to an extent I was, and wanted to get on with getting his/her grubby hands on my assets. So be it.

To be fair, I was always expecting something like this to happen and in many ways I am surprised it hasn't happened earlier. It was always going to be problematic because I don't do PvP. But having my arm twisted into doing a deal is not the way I want to part with my POCO's. Where is the dignity in that? Fortunately, unlike most other games, Eve gives you alternative options. It is one of the truly great things about the game. So since I have plenty of ISK sloshing about, I have employed some Mercs to defend my honour. So far they have been very reasonable and professional unlike my attempts to grapple with the Wardec aspect of the UI. We will see how that goes when the fur starts to fly (assuming the rude purchaser turns up) but at least I get to explore an aspect of the game that would normally pass me by. And it is content or at least ISK for someone. Let battle commence.

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