Sunday, 4 March 2018

Serenity 2018

OK this blog isn't quite dead yet. And seemingly neither is Eve Online's chinese presence - the Serenity server. There appears to be a bit of a push from CCP Games to reassure chinese players that Serenity - or at least Eve Online has some future for them.

This is not overdue. Player activity has taken a hit in the last year as RMT/bots have been subject to a purge. Anecdotally, some chinese players have moved onto the Tranquility server that the rest of the world plays on. The graph below gives a sense of the decline on Serenity.

Tiancity, who run Eve Online in China appear to have largely given up on the game. The last news update was in June 2017 (Google translated version below).

Many game updates have also been parked - Alpha clones for example and the game appeared to be in managed decline. Given the player activity numbers that would be understandable. However, Chinese New Year has indicated there might be life in the old dog yet.

Firstly, the eye candy. Some Serenity skins have been released:

A video of the Skins can be seen here:

Perhaps more importantly, there is a message from CCP (first sighting of CCP Seagull for a while) where they labour the point that Serenity players haven't been forgotten and they are welcome to come to Fanfest (so presumably the Chinese fanfest isn't happening). Additionally, there will be changes for Serenity that they are excited about but these aren't defined. So it is sort of like the UK's Brexit position. There are number of ways you could speculate about this. The Tiancity relationship appears broken and a lot of the barriers that required CCP to have such a relationship are not as insurmountable as they once were. The main takeaway is that CCP want to hold on to chinese players (unlike Japanese and Korean - RIP localisation) so that would indicate some sort of a plan for them. Anyway, enough of me - here is the video:

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