Monday, 9 April 2018

Fanfest Preamble

Eve Fanfest is upon us. This is remarkable. Afterall, Fanfest is one of those rare things that has survived the year unlike democracy, free trade, many CCP staff and some if not all of the other games in the CCP stable.

Where Eve Vegas was all about CCP conquering new vistas, the events of last year now mean Eve Fanfest ought to be about how CCP are going to keep what they have in Eve Online together. That's not to say it will be like that but it would be a change to their recent policy of maintain, fix and monetise.

The vision section of the keynote has been notably sparse in recent years. This was probably because CCP's vision wasn't supposed to depend on Eve. VR was supposed to fix all that, yet here we are again with the aging revenues of Eve needed to subsidise projects to allow CCP to diversify from their single game dependency. If they are ever to pull a rabbit out of hat, now is the time to do it. I hope they will, but my expectations are low because it is a challenging situation they find themselves in.

An event even rarer than a CCP customer support Dev is me actually logging in. It has happened however. Luobote Kong has been spending time getting drunk in Jita. As he is not a streamer or an Eve famous commentator, he managed not to offend anyone or loudly demand urgent debates on who capusuleers should or shouldn't meet meet and when they should or shouldn't meet them. Frankly who cares. But it has been a year long binge since he last undocked. I know this from the insurance expiry. That was to cover the the journey to the last fanfest/ingame interactive event that turned out not to be an event at all. At least the player bit. The larpers had fun in Iceland we are told       

So again with low expectation, he has strapped himself into a rusty Aries Interceptor and buggered off to Yulai because something is "happening". There is an unknown ship powered by, or at least possessing, a singularity sphere hanging outside the Concorde station looking rather the worse for wear. This being Eve, it could be the sum total of the "happening" but we shall see.

That fact I logged on at all is due in no small part to my use of Parsec streaming software in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi and the cloud based gaming PC I play all my games on now. When you can play Eve (or any PC game) anywhere on pretty much anything,  it makes it an omnipresent option provided you have a reasonable internet connection. So it would be churlish not to log in and make the journey

Anyway, let's see what Fanfest brings. I am hoping for Captains Quarters 2.0 because frankly, I have forgotten what gender Luobote Kong's is and so it it is hard to know which party to go to or not to go to.

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